Dear Onlooker,

Please find embedded in this website information, crucial and otherwise, regarding my apprenticeship in the town of Stain’d-By-The-Sea, collected and indexed in the reports All The Wrong Questions and in a separate volume entitled File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents. The material contained in these books is severely restricted to those who can read. If you cannot read, please stop reading this letter.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket #2 book cover Lemony Snicket #2 book cover Lemony Snicket #3 book cover


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Match wits with Lemony Snicket to solve thirteen mini-mysteries.

Paintings have been falling off of walls, a loud and loyal dog has gone missing, a specter has been seen walking the pier at midnight -- strange things are happening all over the town of Stain'd-By-The-Sea. Called upon to investigate thirteen suspicious incidents, young Lemony Snicket collects clues, questions witnesses, and cracks every case. Join the investigation and tackle the mysteries alongside Snicket, then turn to the back of the book to see the solution revealed.

Step into Lemony Snicket's world of deep mystery, mysterious depth, deductive reasoning, and reasonable deductions.


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Before you look any further into reading "When Did You See Her Last?" ask yourself these questions:

1. Has anyone seen the missing girl?
2. Why aren't her parents upset? They seem confused.
3. What do a chemistry experiment, a grocery store, unruly hair, and a stolen statue have to do with anything?
4. Now I'm confused. Why are you changing the subject? You're supposed to be thinking about the missing girl. Where is she?


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The #1 New York Times bestseller is frankly, none of your business.

In a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket began his apprenticeship in an organization nobody knows about. He started by asking questions that shouldn't have been on his mind. Now he has written an account that should not be published, in four volumes that shouldn't be read, the first two chapters of which should not be included here but are.



Lemony Snicket is the author of far too many books, most recently File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents and "When Did You See Her Last?", the second volume in his new series, All The Wrong Questions, which chronicles his suspicious childhood and his childhood suspicions. His other books include the alleged bestsellers A Series of Unfortunate Events, 13 Words, and The Composer Is Dead.

Contact Mr. Snicket via post:
Lemony Snicket
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017



Seth appears innocent, but looks can be deceiving. He is a multi-award-winning cartoonist, author, and artist, whose works include Palookaville, Clyde Fans, and The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists and can be blamed for the art in All the Wrong Questions.

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    There is nothing authors enjoy more than receiving letters from readers informing them of grammatical or rhetorical errors in their published work. Each time a book of Mr. Snicket's is published, he receives many such letters, and as his official representative I always wish I could meet these correspondents in person so I might explain that Mr. Snicket purposefully litters his work with textual mistakes in order to test their acumen. Why not challenge yourself now, grammarians and other policers?

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    The author proclaims he is “trapped in a windowless room but nonetheless willing to answer any questions” in his Reddit AMA. His answers were both incredibly inspiring and marvelously miserable.

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  • Mediabistro: Plagiarism Scandal Pits Lemony Snicket Against Malcolm Gladwell


    In honor of April Fool’s Day, a plagiarism scandal has ignited between Lemony Snicket and Malcolm Gladwell.

    According to a press release posted on Snicket’s website, Gladwell’s latest book David & Goliath contains original material sourced from Snicket’s new book File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents. To back up his accusations, Snicket has shared “evidence” on his website to support his claims.

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  • EntertainmentWeekly: See the all-star lineup of readers for Lemony Snicket's next audiobook -- EXCLUSIVE


    File Under presents 13 mini-mysteries that a young Snicket must solve, and for the audio version, 13 very cool people have signed on to read. Among them are a few radio hosts, an MSNBC anchor, some popular YA authors, musicians, and a football player. Listen to an intro from all 13 readers and see the list exclusively below:


  • USA TODAY: Check out an excerpt of Lemony Snicket's newest book


    Want to get a preview of the buzzy books coming out this spring and summer? Here, read an excerpt of File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, a collection of noir mysteries from the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler).

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  • Publishers Weekly: Lemony Snicket Sneaks Back with 'File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents'


    It’s hard to keep a stealthy sleuth down – witness Lemony Snicket’s forthcoming return to Stain’d-By-The-Sea, the shadowy setting of his All the Wrong Questions series of “autobiographical” mysteries. Next April Fools’ Day, Little, Brown will release File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, a collection of 13 noir mini-mysteries illustrated by Seth, who also provides the art for All the Wrong Questions.


  • Huffington Post: 13 Passages from Children's Literature that are More Dreadful and Shocking Than They May First Appear


    From time to time people say to me, "Lemony Snicket, you write dreadful and shocking books. What sort of writing do you find dreadful and shocking yourself?"

    My reply to them is always the same: "Please be quiet, I'm trying to read." Nevertheless, I occasionally stumble upon a dreadful and/or shocking passage of children's literature that may have passed unnoticed by other readers with less investigative or hysterical temperaments. I am grateful to the Huffington Post for allowing me to point out these disturbing passages so that the general public can be as flushed and sputtering as I am.


  • Chicago Tribune: ‘Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions)'


    For readers who've been missing "unfortunate events" with the Baudelaire children, welcome back to the land of Lemony Snicket. Here he brings a memoir of a young detective, 13, named "Lemony Snicket." LS-the-character, after unexpectedly exiting a family lunch through a restroom window, goes hunting for a missing statue of something called the "Bombinating Beast."


  • NPR: Fresh Air: Lemony Snicket Dons A Trenchcoat


    While the Unfortunate Events books play with ideas about gothic literature, All the Wrong Questions explores detective-noir conventions. Handler tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross that initially, he had concerns about writing in a noir style for younger readers, not least because of the central role of the genre's femme fatale characters and their sexualized personas. But then he had an epiphany that freed him from this worry: In noir, he realized, the detective and the femme fatale are doing the exact same thing.

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  • Daniel Handler shares thoughts about Lemony Snicket and All the Wrong Questions


  • USA TODAY Review: New Snicket series dives into noir


    The old house squats high on a hill overlooking a sparkling bay. A substantial man in a suit and tie appears at the front door. He could be a banker, a lawyer, a politician, a mortician.

    Definitely not a writer. Which he is.

    "Would you like an espresso?" asks Daniel Handler, 42, not to be confused with Lemony Snicket, the fictitious scribe Handler often "represents" at media events. Snicket is famously the investigative protagonist of A Series of Unfortunate Events, 13 best-selling turn-of-the-millennium children's books that became a 2004 Jim Carrey movie.

    "Forget the interview," says Handler with the wave of a hand. "Let's get hopped up on coffee and you can just tell your readers I'm pro-literature."


  • A.V. Club Review: Lemony Snicket: Who Could That Be At This Hour?


    Six years after the original series ended, Handler has decided that Lemony Snicket deserves his own story. The first of the All The Wrong Questions quartet, Who Could That Be At This Hour?, takes place long before the Baudelaire children were born, when Snicket was an adolescent working for the mysterious organization known as VFD. Readers might be tempted to look at this new series as a set of prequels, but Handler deftly deals with those expectations by starting the book with an attempted poisoning and an escape through a bathroom window. Questions about the Baudelaires are left far behind in the quick action.


  • The Boston Globe: Daniel Handler: Novelist and Lemony Snicket’s alter ego


    Daniel Handler leads a literary double life. He writes novels under his own name — his most recent is “Why We Broke Up” — and best-selling children’s books under the name of Lemony Snicket. He’s in town this Saturday for the Boston Book Festival.

    BOOKS: What are you reading currently?

    HANDLER: I am reading a book by Martha Gellhorn, “Pretty Tales for Tired People.” She was on a vague list in my head of people who were good but whom I hadn’t read. I loved the title so I picked it up.

    BOOKS: What did you read before the Gellhorn?

    HANDLER: Iris Murdoch’s “The Bell,” which is a great book. I pigged out on her about 15 years ago. The pig-out started in college with “Under the Net,” her first novel, which is terrific. This is my first time reading her in a long time. Read more...

  • Los Angeles Times Review: Who Could That Be at This Hour? is Lemony Snicket fun


    What is a bombinating beast, and why would anyone make a statue of it, much less steal it, in a city nowhere near an ocean that's nevertheless known as Stain'd by the Sea? These, and other alliterative oddities, are at the center of "Who Could That Be at This Hour?" — a Pink Panther-esque page turner that marks the return of eccentric narrator Lemony Snicket, who was last heard from six years ago with "The End" to his 13-book "A Series of Unfortunate Events."


  • New York Times: Thalia Kids' Book Club - LEMONY SNICKET


    “ ‘Who Could That Be at This Hour?’ ” is a novel that asks many questions, not least the one its title poses. Some others: “Why are you flying through the air in the middle of the night?” “Where is that screaming coming from?” and “Who put you in this basement?”

    Intriguing, no?

    “I’m always more pleased by a book that tends to ask questions rather than answer them, so I tend to write that way too,” Daniel Handler said in a telephone interview from San Francisco, where he lives with his family.


  • Read the first chapter of Lemony Snicket's All the Wrong Questions Book One -- EXCLUSIVE


    Famously cantankerous author Lemony Snicket wasn’t always such a scrooge, but now we get to learn what odd things happened in his childhood to make him turn out that way. We first got to know Snicket from his best-selling A Series of Unfortunate Events books. His upcoming series, All the Wrong Questions, focuses on his perplexing youth and his apprenticeship at a mysterious organization. "Who Could That Be at This Hour?", the first of four volumes in the new series, comes your way Oct. 23, but EW has an exclusive sneak peek at chapter one.


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    Little, Brown Books for Young Readers has unveiled the cover for "Who Could That Be at This Hour?", the new book by Lemony Snicket. What do you think?


  • Read if you must: Snicket bio on the way


    Against the apparent wishes of the author, a new Lemony Snicket series begins this fall.


  • New Lemony Snicket All the Wrong Questions Book Series Begins This Fall


    The fictional author Lemony Snicket will return in a four book series from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers called All the Wrong Questions. Graphic novelist Seth will illustrate the "authorized autobiographical account" of Snicket's childhood.


  • New Lemony Snicket series coming this October


    Little, Brown has announced the title and on-sale date of Lemony Snicket's highly anticipated new series. The first volume in the four-part autobiographical account of his childhood, called All the Wrong Questions, will be released on Oct. 23, 2012. This will be Snicket's first new series since the wildly popular A Series of Unfortunate Events. The famously cantankerous author said in a press release, "These books are questionable and contain questions. I, for one, question why anyone would be interested in reading them."


  • Lemony Snicket to Return in 4-Book Series


    Little, Brown has announced the title and on-sale date of Lemony Snicket's highly anticipated new series.


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